Your one-stop shop for NDT equipment!

Cifra Marketing Corporation distributes Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) equipment, materials, and other related products in the Philippines. It is our goal to provide the NDT practitioners with quality on the latest technology at reasonable price and to ensure that these are readily available for our customer's convenience and satisfaction.

We deliver only excellent and top-quality products

Through the years, Cifra have endeavored to represent only the well-known manufacturers of NDT equipment in the world. We are a one-stop-shop of advanced NDT products which includes but not limited to equipment, accessories and consumables.

We provide the latest technology in Non-Destructive Testing

It is our goal to provide NDT practitioners for industries such as Aviation, Shipyards, Petrochemical, Engineering, Fabrication, Automotive, Power Sectors, Oil & Gas, Mining, etc.

We convey after-sales support and services

As a leading distributor of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) equipment in the Philippines, we commit ourselves to ensuring that our customers receive a wide range of support services. Here at Cifra Marketing Corporation, we ensure that our staff are highly competent through rigorous trainings and necessary technical expertise to deliver quality services by performing calibration and repair procedures that adhere to manufacturer's specifications.